Cute sweet 16 dresses should match with the appropriate decorations

posted on 18 Sep 2014 14:29 by evawangfamily

If we selected our own sweet 16 dress, and not be able to once and for all, here there are a lot of things to do, and to do the following things better.

First, choose a nice pair of shoes

When you try your cute sweet 16 dress, be sure to wear beautiful shoes, because the height of the shoes you wear for dress is very important, you have to wear the shoes that you will wear it to attend the activities to try the dress.

Second, choose the right jewelry

Addition to a mix of jewelry outside, you have to have a very nice accessories to set off, so that it can show your beautiful makeup, wedding in the trial, when necessary with the appropriate headdress, veil is to be ready ahead of schedule, but also to prepare a hand bag, handbags not too much, and to grade some.

Fancy Attractive Sweetheart Sequined Bodice Pretty Sweet 16 Dress

Third, choose a suitable hand bag

After choosing the right dress, it is necessary to choose a hand bag that coordinate with dress, hand bag can choose smaller, do not buy too much, be sure to choose a number of fine, better quality, do not figure cheap, handbags can improve your grades.

After selecting a sweet 16 dress, we can not be big and walk away, and we still have to do a lot of detail, and only put all things are ready to be able to make your event perfect.





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