Sone worries about select cocktail dresses for girls

posted on 28 Aug 2014 14:02 by evawangfamily

When it comes to cocktail gatherings, presumably girls hesitate, do not know what kind of clothes to wear is appropriate, here are some cocktail dress for girls just for reference.

First, select the style

Compared with the men's chothes, cocktail dress for girls general have many different types, but most are dominated by simple and elegant. In the election, when the girls can follow their own height ratios to choose, to low do not wear too long section dress, which will inadvertently expose their weaknesses. But also according to their own temperament to choose, as long as consistent with their temperament, even in the opinion of others is not eye-catching dress, when to wear clothing of their own feelings. There are strapless cocktail dress style, Bra and so on for you to choose.

Strapless Red Organza A-Line red cocktail dresses

Second, the choice of fabric colors

Cocktail dresses are generally concentrated mainly in the color black and white and some pink, but also continue with the development of a variety of colors appeared, in the choice of the girls may be necessary to pay attention. Black and white can be said to be a classic, no matter in formal occasions or general gatherings, or everyday life, and ultimately, these two colors, in order not to charge so much brains to think about the color to wear, and that this two colors on it. There is a fiery red, to cause others note that this is definitely a good choice. In the fabric of choice, if you want your dress looks more texture, you can choose shiny or decorative, but if you want the dress to show off his soft side, you can also choose how that look elegant layers of chiffon.

Girls cocktail dress choice is of course first look is not suitable own, and when the election is necessary to understand their needs, you can also find help from others.





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